Fresh Produce Solutions

Quality Assurance and Safety

Description: Quality Assurance and Safety Bristol Fresh operates at the highest standards for food safety and quality assurance. Our 5,000 square foot distribution center is 100% refrigerated with five temperature zones to ensure that cold chain standards are met during the entire receiving, processing, and distribution process. We adhere to the highest HACCP standards and hold third-party audit certifications.

Our HACCP Program for Quality Assurance and Food Safety include the following components:

Supplier Qualification Programs to ensure that all vendors provide a letter of guarantee, evidence of liability insurance coverage, complete vendor profile and survey, third–party Audit Certification, and a 100% Recall Program.

Receiving procedures and requirements that include truck inspection and sanitation requirements, temperature guidelines, and USDA Quality Management Guidelines.

Distribution procedures and requirements to ensure 100% refrigeration, fleet maintenance and sanitation, temperature maintenance, and tracking systems for reliability.

Third-party annual audits and customer audits.

Additional inspections and certifications include Serve Safe Certified, FDA Random Inspections, and annual and random customer audits.

100% Product Recall Program with total traceability that is tested annually.

Bio-Terrorism Program.